A word on language

I am a German native speaker. I live in Germany, my husband’s German, as is all my family. I guess an explanation as to why most of this will be in English is in order. 

Well. In what almost feels like a different life altogether, I studied English literature, language and culture, and spent quite some time in Great Britain and Ireland. These were some of the best times in my life; opportunities to truly (re)invent myself. The friendships that were forged back then – almost ten years ago – have endured the rather sparse phone and Email conversations that come with busy family and work lives, sometimes even months of not keeping in touch at all, and, most of all, very long periods of time in which we didn’t see each other because we live in different countries, sometimes even on different continents.

All the same, we’ve been to each other’s weddings, we’ve visited each other when in town, we’ve shared baby pictures and house buying experiences, in short: we’ve made every effort to keep our friendship alive. So I guess this is a tribute to these friends and times, in a way. 

In addition, I have noticed for a while now that there are some features in the English language that make me feel like it’s more precise, more to the point, more – for lack of another word – sharp than German – at least for me. Not to mention the humour that’s inherent to the language (and the larger audience I can reach by writing in English, ehem).

So there we are. I will write my posts in English, for the most part. However, there will also be German pieces, every now and again. Language is a very special tool, and I like having the right tool for every task…


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