Happy birthday – to me :-)

It’s my birthday today. I’ve lived this life for 31 years today. Or: 31 years ago, my mother gave birth to her second child (after doctors had told her she wouldn’t even have one). And see what came of it – 30 years and 3 days later, her grandson took the next place in line.

I remember last year, on my 30th birthday, in the last days of my first pregnancy, I was spending time with friends and hoping, praying, almost ordering the child inside me to paleeeeese stay put for just another day or two. His due date had been August 3, so there really was no knowing when he’d come; however, I think everyone in a family deserves their own special day. I really do.

Luckily, my son obeyed – he decided August 15th was the right day for him. 

Looking back, it feels like he has kicked around the pieces of my life like he would lego bricks, and then carefully reassembled them to a picture far bigger and more beautiful than everything I had ever imagined. 

Tonight will see a happy gathering of friends and family, with Middle Eastern food, cool drinks and, I hope, much laughter, talk and love. How I crave that feeling of having those close to my heart around me, having fun.


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