Today, I am confronted with problems that are somewhat new to me.

What kind of cake is appropriate for a first birthday? Do I have to worry about the nannies’ nerves at kindergarden when I give the kids there one small chocolate-covered cream cake each? Do I have to have a bad conscience for being happy that I don’t have to be there to clean up the mess?

And, on a completely different note (almost in another world, it seems): How should my future kitchen look like? Can I possibly predict how many plates, glasses, cutlery etc. I will accumulate in my lifetime? I mean, if I started down that road, I’d have to factor in the number of kids we’ll have, also the number (and kind of) pets, the maximum number of guests we’d ever like to have over for dinner, or the number of times I’d like to go shopping per week. It’s surreal.

Here’s a reminiscence of last tuesday (I love the way the amazing scent of this large bouquet is somehow part of that word):



One thought on “Challenges

  1. I don’t think you have to worry about the Kindergarten. It’s the birthday of your child, nobody will care (nor I would). At the first birthday of my daughter we made muffins, VERY colourful muffins, simple and tasty 😉 Just for the eyes of Malaika (my daughter) She bite in twice and had enough. But please, don’t care about what the nannie’s or other mothers think of it. It’d drive you mad.

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