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There’s a very nice Greek restaurant just around the corner from where I live. Tonight, after planning our kitchen, we felt like eating out (actually, we just felt like eating and thought this was the fastest way to get to it), so I went over there to order take-out.

We usually order stuff that’s not on the menu when we eat there, because otherwise it’s either too much or too little meat. So when I came in, I explained what my husband wanted to eat, but took some time to put together my own dish (I’m not good at decisions, and not good at explaining either, apparently). After a while and a couple of misunderstandings, we got it together, and the landlord was really nice about it.

Now, you could argue it’s his job to be friendly since I’m spending money in his restaurant. You could, however, also argue that it really is quite high-maintenance not to be able to choose from a very large and diverse menue. I was debating over this with myself while I went for some groceries in the meanwhile, and was getting annoyed with the landlord for it. 

I even considered sending my husband to get the food so that I wouldn’t have to face what I thought would be unfriendly looks at a picky high-maintenance girl, but then I didn’t. After all, I’m 31 years old, and a mum, I shouldn’t chicken out this easily.

So I went back. First thing, the landlord offered me ouzo. I declined. I was in my German city life default mode: Don’t expect (and accept?) kindness from anyone. When I wanted to pay by EC-card, the landlord said that unfortunately he only accepted cash. I thought That’s just great and said Oh. Well. I’ll better go get money then, don’t I? 

And what did the guy do? He told me to take the food and pay tomorrow. When I insisted on getting the money now, he said there was no way I was going away without the food, since it would get cold and inedible if I did. I asked him whether he at least wanted to write down my name or something, but he only smiled at me and said No. I trust you.

You never know what’s going on in people’s heads unless you give them a chance to actually tell you. Sometimes I forget…

And by the way, the food was delicious.


Soundtrack for this: Garden State


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