Orderly fashion

I usually think of myself as an orderly person. You know: keeping my stuff where I will find it again, not throwing away important documents, fairly organized. Every now and again – and more often than not ever since my son was born – I find myself forgetting where I put stuff. It is SO annoying when this happens, and has quite a shattering impact on my self-image, too. 

Nevertheless, sometimes when I am on such a look-out, I accidentally find stuff I had forgotten about or didn’t even know I still had. Like the other day, when I found a note of friends congratulating me on my high school diploma. First, I didn’t even realize what it was, because leaving school is so incredibly long ago. When I did, however, it was really nice to remember those times when school and home was my universe, when friendship, how sincere it might have been or still is, had this tinge of “we accidentally were thrown in here together, so we’ll better stick it out”. There was a time not too long ago when remembering these days did not feel at all comfortable, but I guess I’ve finally moved on.

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