Diligence for the soul

Things continue to be difficult. Junior’s been ill since last weekend, the aftermath of the shots he got Monday before last. This invariably means switching to non-working, stay-at-home-motherhood, and makes it even harder than usual to make my own decisions on how my day should look like. Not even mentioning the bad conscience and pressure connected to not touching my bl***y thesis … However, I just read something that reminded me of why I started this blog in the first place. 

Chookoolonks wrote this a couple of months ago: “I’ve been very diligent in doing my daily journal (and thus taking care of my spirit), I’ve no doubt that I’ll get through this. Eventually.”

I needed this to remind me to stop complaining and get down to the things that really count: Taking care of myself and my family – everything else will fall into place.


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