When I find myself in times of trouble

This post was supposed to go out yesterday, but didn’t make it due to computer trouble:

“It is such a challenge to balance my ego and the diverse duties that come with the life I have chosen. This is difficult to admit, since by acknowledging that what I do is a conscious choice, I abandon the possibility to blame others for the things I don’t like. Nevertheless: I have chosen this, and no, it’s not alway pretty and „the way it should be“, thankyouverymuch. Actually, it hardly ever is. Maybe that’s because my priorities have gone totally bollocks, my flexibility is less than helpful, and my people-pleasing is really becoming a problem? Well, just maybe. Don’t be too sure.

God, I need a break.”

Today, I can say that once more, I got what I asked for. The break’s here, the day is much more relaxed than the last week, and all of a sudden, life brightens a little.

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