Middle Eastern Time

When I was living in Israel, one of the best things I experienced was what the people over there call “Middle Eastern Time”. It took some time to get used to it – after all I’m German – but in the end, I very much enjoyed this way of living. Basically, time loses its meaning over there, or at least its control function. When you get into the flow, it doesn’t matter anymore whether you are on time, or what time it is. Getting into the flow means focusing on deeper levels, on how late does it feel and look where all the time went although it felt like minutes, really.

I loved that about the Middle East. There is such a relaxed, laid-back and open-minded quality about spending time there that I often miss over here. As a tribute to Middle Eastern time, I do not wear a watch. And I am trying very much to tap into that sensual quality of time every day, instead of chasing minute after minute but never quite getting there.


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