One weekend, a little bit of traveling, lots of fantastic food and good times later let me just say this:

It is ALWAYS worth going the distance to reconnect with old friends, even though it might feel like a pain in the ass from afar. 

There is a Hebrew/Yiddish word for this: to shlep (from German “schleppen”, to drag). It connotes ordeal, being weighed down, even burdened. 

Well. We “shlepped” to Berlin last weekend to meet friends from Israel we hadn’t seen for two years. It was their first time in Germany, which is sort of a big deal for all of us, us being German and them being Jewish and 20th century history being what it is. It was absolutely wonderful. They got to meet our little one for the first time. We got to meet their aunt and uncle. We had the best of times, and will renew this experience next year in Israel, when the two of them are getting married. I. can. not. wait.

Then we met with a good friend and colleague of mine, and his girlfriend. We had tried to get the four, excuse me, five of us together before, but it never quite worked out, so that there was a lot of “so lovely we finally SEE each other (instead of talking on the phone or hearing about each other through wife/boyfriend). We enjoyed a relaxed couple of hours together. 

And as if this hadn’t made the day great enough already, we stayed overnight at one of my hub’s very old friend’s home, which was, again, just perfect. Junior loved it too, and slept so well we could hardly believe it.

To top the weekend off, on Sunday morning we had brunch with my sister and her husband, who coincidentally spent the weekend in Berlin, too. Since we live far apart, we don’t see each other that often, so the opportunity to reconnect was gladly taken. 

I need to remember all this for the next time when driving for a couple of hours feels like just that little bit too much of a “shlep”…


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