The hiatus season has now officially begun. Yesyes, I know, the meteorological beginning of winter is December 21, but for me, the amounts of hot tea, candles, dimmed lights, storm and rain I’ve seen in the last couple of days are the markers of my very own hiatus season. Everything is slowing down with shorter days, less light and warmth … like a plant that draws all her strength back to its roots for winter, guarding them well until the next spring, I am trying to take good care of myself until next year, when my thesis will be finished, several tons of weight will be lifted off my shoulders, and the new greens and blossoms will make us want to travel, explore and enjoy. There is much to look forward to: A trip to Israel, where our good friends Mara and Josh will be getting married in June; one to the US, where we will be travelling along the west coast by camper, and some short-distance trips, to Munich, to Berlin, maybe to France. Until then, I will keep my head down, concentrate on the here and now, and try to stay focused.

Check into on Thanksgiving (November 27) for a little movie of the whole TOD cast!!


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