Being seen

Deeply caught up in analysing Israeli and Palestinian discourse, one thought keeps coming back to me: Everybody wants to be seen, to be acknowledged, to be taken seriously, and unless he is, conflict remains probable and prone to expansion. What it seems to be boiling down to is this: Unless you acknowledge my pain, my worth, my right to be treated humanely, there will never be trust. And without trust, how can we respect each other? Without trust, how can we live side by side? Without trust, how can I teach my children that there is no difference in being this or that, that we are all human, above all?


One thought on “Being seen

  1. Hi. You visited my blog today and commented. Thank you. I see we are like minded. This thought, here of being seen- I have pondered this, and like you realize this desire to be seen resides deep within our core. Recently my daughter has been having trouble at school. She is bi-racial and is having some learning challenges. She said it feels like she is not being seen. I can tell you this has caused tremendous anxiety in her. As it does in all of us. We just want to be known. Seen. Realized. And we can do this for ourselves. We can know ourselves in a deep and meaningful way which will bring much inner fulfillment.

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