On the blogroll

I wanted to note some things concerning the people whose words I read every day on their blogs (see my blogroll ->). 

There are so many things that connect us in the way we live and perceive the world that to me it feels like we’ve actually known each other for a long time, even though we have never met in person. I know that this sounds intruding and presumptuous, and I am struggling with this myself because it feels so surreal. Who am I to announce friendship onesidedly, anyway? However, since I have been trying to say things even if they may sound intruding and presumptuous (thanks, Brené!), here’s a salute to my sisters in thought and deed! 

I actually think that even though we do very different things in our lives – helping a Rwandan family, writing wonderful stories, teaching compassion, resilience and connection, spreading calm and perspective and coming out as an artist -, the essence of what we do is pretty much the same. I may be using fancy scientific terminology to phrase it in my PhD, but the work on peace and conflict that is my daily business really means nothing else but looking at and really seeing people’s needs, beliefs, woes and worries, and understanding what this means for life – theirs and their neighbour’s. It doesn’t matter whether we are looking at a friend, a state or our own self  – the principle is true for all. 

So thanks for doing what you do and for letting me look over your shoulder on the way!

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