Knitting Tales

I have finally learned how to knit (this has been on the list for so long, I won’t even tell you). I’m very much enjoying it, and don’t feel spiessig in the slightest.

My first project was something easy to get me going: a little scarf for Jakob. After my mum gave me a couple of pointers on technique, that was easy and fun.

The second thing I wanted to do was knit a cap for a newborn. This got me going in the first place: Knitting a cap for a newborn in a developing country, where woolen caps can actually safe children’s lives. Here it is:

Save the children-cap

This will go to Save the Children in Berlin, who started the campaign. Also in the envelope? Good wishes for mother and child and a letter to the German chancellor, asking her to increase the budgets of developmental help and conflict management programmes.

Using my voice is SO satisfying.

P.S.: By the bye, this was not part of the Portfolio Project. I still haven’t figured out what I’ll do, and I definitely won’t start before the new year’s here…


2 thoughts on “Knitting Tales

  1. I haven’t figured out mine, either, and probably won’t start til the new year. I think it’s worth it to be clear, and the New Year is such a good time to start projects.

    How exciting.

    and that is a lovely hat. I never managed to get beyond knitting a scarf.

  2. Oh, I love this! Knitting is so good for your artist brain. Working on my first (easiest ever) sweater now…

    And you have me thinking now about how to discern the project goals. Maybe we’ll talk about that soon.

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