A 3-state-solution?

I’m sure you are as worried and scared by the news from Gaza as I am. Despite the current war, however, the overarching question remains: Will there ever be an end to this conflict? I mean, what are the options? After decades of believing in either a binational state or a two-state-solution, it seems like the idea of a 3-state-solution is gaining momentum: two Palestinian states, one in Gaza and one in the Westbank, alongside Israel.

I don’t actually think that this idea is feasible. However, I think this kind of “thinking outside the box” is much needed.

You see, I totally agree with those who say “Oslo could have been the beginning of something really big”, or “the first democratic elections after Arafat were such a big chance” etc. pp. However, what we have to deal with is the reality of today, of the time after those chances have been foresaken. There’s no use in looking back while people are suffering in the here and now.

How can the livelihood of 7 million people who have lived in a state of war for over 40 years be improved? How can we build that minimum of trust that most of those who come from peaceful, prosperous countries, take for granted? That little bit of trust that gives one the power and strength to say: Yes, we are enemies. Yes, we have fought against each other for decades. But nevertheless, there is the actual possibility of us living peaceful side by side, however far away that may seem now. There is hope. There is hope. There is hope. 

How do we build hope like that? 

As a mother, a citizen and a human being, I say: By hoping. By setting a good example.


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