Dry stretch

As I am going through a little bit of difficulty keeping up the work of the Portfolio Project, I try to focus my energy on my peace and conflict work. I’ll be heading back to Israel in June this year, and the thought alone brings back so many impressions and vivid memories, some good, some fearful, that I once again wonder about the fascination this piece of land has for me. Well.
My former boss has pointed out a new website to me, Israel’s backyard, which documents the day-to-day things the occupation brings with it. Please take a moment to check it out, it is eye opening for all those who have never stood at a checkpoint, who have never been stopped by a soldier leisurely pointing a gun at your car, who have never seen the absurdity of people hating each other without ever having exchanged a single word.
Please look, because this needs to BE SEEN.


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