Winter Quiet

After a week of spring-like weather, winter is back. Snow, grey, cold. And with its return, I’m back in hibernation mode, it seems – or should I say “ignore the things I need”-mode? It is so hard for me these days to give myself room, to take the time to actually do stuff I want to do (instead of just dreaming about it). Which is suprising, because I think I had this idea of a totally different life starting the very moment my PhD thesis was finished … it is harder than I thought to re-learn how to take care of myself, to do nothing, to relax, to enjoy, to just be. But I’m sure this current “in-between”-time is necessary, useful even. We all need to give ourselves more time for transitions like these, I think. More time to arrive in the new situation, to settle down, to think about what to do next.


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