Best of 2009 – album

My album of the year is not an album, but a song. The Avett Brothers’ “I and love and you” makes me cry and gives me shivers every. single. time. I listen to it. It’s something about the melody, about the harmonies, about the lyrics that pretty much sums up two of my biggest life dreams: Living a free and boundless life for and with my family, and living in New York City at one point in my life.

There you have it.


3 thoughts on “Best of 2009 – album

  1. Hi I saw this flash on my screen so fast and clicked very fast to get it…beautiful! I just love it it’s soo touching. I saw something on your reading list that says Israel…well I’m from Israel and would love to connect. Thanks for posting this Yael

  2. Hi Christian
    I am in Hod Hasharon about 25 min North of Tel Aviv. I am a Mom of twins almost 10 and an artist & teach Parents Nonviolent Communication!
    I am relatively new to this world of connecting online and love it. I’d love if you would take a glance at my blog (address above) it’s bi lingual!Where are you?

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