Best of 2009 – catch-up race

Okay. I missed 6 (in words: six) prompts for the best of 2009 blog challenge. I have reasons, but no excuses. Let’s move on, shall we? Here’s my attempt to catch up:

Best packaging: Many children were born in my circle of friends recently, and my go-to shop for birth presents is They have very cute things, great service, and the packaging … the packaging is made with love. Trust me.

Tea of the year: No doubt, the winner in this category is the biological China Wuyan Jasmin Tea. Hands down the best tea I have had this year. Or ever, actually.

Word or phrase: It can be done. It is possible. Courage. (My mantra for my PhD)

Shop: As most of you know, I’m joining you from Hamburg, Germany, one of the most beautiful cities I know. The area of the city we live in is full of little shops and pretty stores selling handmade, crafty stuff. Some of my favourites are Herzallerliebst, Milchmädchen and Charlotta’s. Come visit, I’ll give you the tour!

Car ride: I don’t generally enjoy car rides all that much. Also, I have been pregnant for most of this year, and car rides with a pregnant belly are even worse than normal ones. However, the car ride to our holiday home on the Baltic coast was pretty nice, actually.

New person: I don’t know whether she knows, but Jen Lee‘s the one.


4 thoughts on “Best of 2009 – catch-up race

  1. Happy high fives for catching up!!

    I love the title of the blog and the fact you are working on your PhD while you are working on a baby says oodles about your spirit.

    Grateful to read your Best09 Blog post today!

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