Best of 2009 – belly laugh

This is my favourite prompt. Reading the posts on the other blogs was hilarious. Oh, and there were so many this past year… but sadly, I don’t remember most of them. (I blame it on my nursing dementia). There is one recent event though that made me and my friends and family laugh until we cried, so I’d better write it down before it’s lost in the sieve that my brain has become…

The other day, shortly before Christmas, we received a letter by our landlady. She’s this very nice, but sort of piggeldy wiggeldy lady of 60+. She had sent us her Christmas wishes, noting that “especially Sebastian will certainly enjoy this magical time now that he’s a bit older, and his eyes will start glowing with joy when he sees the Christmas tree, and receives the beautifully wrapped presents …”

Thing is, Sebastian is 35 years old, father of two and married.

She really made my day that day.


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