2010 – resolutions, words and plans

The new year’s here, and it feels like a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with goodness. We celebrated New Year’s Eve as a foursome, just us and the kids (the latter mostly sleeping), ordered Sushi and had some Champagne. While eating the delicious assortment of fresh fish on our plates, we reflected on the year past, and on the decade it finished off. Much has happened in 2009: We had our second child, my hubs got promoted, I finished my PhD, to name only the biggies. And 2009 finished off the decade in which we’ve grown into the couple we are now – on New Year’s Eve 1999/2000 we had just been going out for three months and had no idea where this relationship was going to take us. In the coming decade, we both finished university, moved together, got married, and had children. It was a rollercoaster ride, but whether we were going up or down, it was always full of love.

Hubs and I also talked about resolutions. I’ve never done the “I’ll quit smoking”-kind of resolution, partly because I always considered New Year’s Eve a pretty, you know, arbitrary date, and because I know I’ll never change anything unless I really, really want it deep down. So I try to just listen for my inner voices to quiet down and join, for once, in that rare chorus which tells me what it is my soul desires. In the coming twelve months, I would like to work on my conflict resolution techniques (read: anger issues), and I want to get more comfortable with myself in my professional role. In the last years, a certain self-consciousness, or self-censorship even, has developed in my head, which is blocking the way to where I want to go. I don’t want that anymore.

The word for 2009 was “courage”, which was very apt. Without courage, there wouldn’t have been a second child, a national press conference, a PhD defence and also no recovery from the bout of depression I had been suffering of after my son was born. Now I want to build on this, so my word for 2010 is “unfold”.

I am so full of curiosity about what this year will bring – and I hope you’ll join me in finding out all about it!


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