List No. 4 – Songs that I cannot bear listening to. ever. again.

I have been travelling a little bit – which is always a bit of an adventure with two little ones. Hence the lateness. We are safely back home though, and I’m planning to get back in my photographing, writing and blogging routine now.

1. The Final Countdown by Europe. You will see me jump over furniture to turn off any device blaring this one out. Brrr.

2. I Can’t Dance by Genesis. Sorry guys, but OMG! You suck!!!

3. Macarena by Los del Rio. Do I even need to explain that?

4. Hold the Line by Toto. My hubs likes it, my toenails curl when I hear it. Talk about opposites attracting.

5. It’s My Life by Dr. Alban. Teen trespassing, over now. Same goes for

6. Pump up the Jam by Technotronic.

7. Two Princes by the Spin Doctors. Most annoying song ever.

There are many more, but I am trying so hard to eliminate them from my memory that I can’t come up with their names right now. Lucky you! I bet I have given you numerous ear worms already …


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