List No. 7: 25 random things about me

<I wrote this list a year ago, forgot all about it, found it again and was reminded of that time. A time of need, dire need, of despair and help from unexpected place.>

1) I am much less organised than it seems.
2) I hardly ever get up when my son wakes up at night. It’s always my husband.
3) I need A LOT of sleep. Lack thereof leads to severely bad moods.
4) I love Arabic coffee.
5) However, I didn’t start drinking coffee until my pregnancy. Talk about ironic.
6) I don’t drink any beer except Guinness.
7) I would probably win against most people in a quiz on the TV series Friends.
8 ) I love making things myself. Most days involve some planning of new DIY projects.
9) I used to be afraid of the other mothers at the playground.
10) I believe that feminism shouldn’t be about women, it should be about mothers. It’s mothers who are being discriminated.
11) While I can be fairly opinionated, I mostly choose silence over upsetting or provoking people.
12) I am not happy about that.
13) While I love Hamburg, right now I would give my left foot for some sun and warmth.
14) I tend to get tired when it’s getting dark outside. Yes, even if it’s only 5pm.
15) I have a list of dreams I would like to see fulfilled. Although the thought alone scares me to death.
16) Attending a service at church never fails to make me cry. I have no idea why that is.
17) I once went to a church in Jerusalem where an old lady sang for me and my parents in Aramaic, which is supposed to be Jesus’ language. It was touching.
18) A British soldier once told me to go away unless I wanted to be shot in my pretty face while I was watching a parade in Derry, Northern Ireland.
19) I believe friendship doesn’t need spatial proximity.
20) I believe in friendship at first sight. Some call it congeniality of souls.
21) I hated being 16.
22) It took me several years to get over my first love starting a relationship with my then best friend behind my back.
23) I didn’t talk to my oldest and best friend for a year at high school. I don’t even remember why.
24) I admire people who follow their heart.
25) I will never forget the feeling of holding my son for the first time (and my daughter, too).


3 thoughts on “List No. 7: 25 random things about me

  1. I can relate to so many things on this list. I even share with you number 22 and 23!

    I understand being in that place too. I hope this list was one of the little things that helped you out. 🙂

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