List No. 8: Things that make me happy

(I have been quiet here. I have been quiet everywhere, really. I have sunk into work, and am aching all over from lack of sleep and a deep need for rest. But the book is almost finished, and it is all worth it. It is good to be doing something I am passionate about. Nevertheless, it’s also good to remind myself of the little things that brighten my days just that tiny little bit that makes all the difference.)

1. My family.

2. Love in unexpected places.

3. Sunshine.

4. Cracking things open. Presents. Or people.

5. Hand-written notes or letters. The one’s I receive and the one’s I write.

6. Re-connecting. It should be a daily practice.

7. Yoga.

8. Singing.

9. The exhilaration of taking risks and seeing the unknown unfold before my eyes.

10. Silliness and play.

11. Resolving conflict. Not the process of it, exactly, but the result.

12. Sleep. (This is particularly true these days)

13. Pretty handmade things. Jewelry, stationary, clothes.

14. The sound of the ocean and the scent of salt, sand and sun.

15. Good food.


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