Letter to my sixteen-year-old self

Dear Christiane,

I know you hate being 16. You are so desperate to fit in, so sensitive, and at the same time so passionate, so free. So fragile, and so strong. In some ways I envy you, in others, I truly don’t.

I want you to know that there will be a time in your life when the things you are wishing for now will have come true. A time when you will have overcome all that heartbreak. A time when hearing from old schoolmates will not raise the hairs on your neck anymore. A time when you will finally have found the courage and compassion in your heart to accept you, at sixteen years, with all your pain and mistakes and insecurities. And when you will have understood that your inexplicable capacity for dealing with conflict and for dreaming is rooted in those black months, back then, when you thought you couldn’t take it anymore.

It was all worth it.

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Letter to my sixteen-year-old self

  1. It certainly helped me. I have struggled with taking that sixteen-year-old in, with accepting her mistakes and weaknesses, and loving her just the same. Acknowledging the process like this was healing for me.

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