Alltagshelden :: My tribe

I am very happy to announce that I can cross one item off off my list: I have seen a business idea through from beginning to end, and one that’s dear to my heart, too (weeeee!)! It’s a precious, handmade book for friends, for the people closest to our heart, a place to keep them with us at all times. Even the first touch tells you how much love was put into making it. I am a very tactile person, so I took care that it feels good to the touch, solid yet tender, so that you will be glad to take it out of the shelf again and again. I designed the book with my dear friend, graphic designer, newly-wed and soon-to-be mum Maren Chur. She took care it looks really pretty! The questions inside are original, quirky and funny; once answered, they will make this book a precious memory of those we let inside – the book and our lives!

The first edition is in German, but I have an English edition ready to go, so stay tuned!

For the German readers: You can have a look at it here.