It seems as if the chaos is easing, slowly, step by step, making room for new things. Or am I imagining this and really falling back into old routines? 

Well. Evenings are growing longer, the days are colder now, and the leaves are turning. Since I’ve always been somewhat easily influenced by weather and season, I think that is exactly what’s happening in my life. And make no mistake: Even though autumn and winter are commonly associated with darkness and sorrow, I see mostly good in them. Quietude. Calmness. Time to reflect and collect much-needed strength for the next spring. 

A quiet retreat to the coast for a long weekend will do all the rest.


Think of …

… all the stumbling blocks they had to overcome

… all the months and years they kept going while no one was believing in them

… the immensity of the dream they were trying to live

… the glory of success after so much doubt and ignorance

It is incredibly inspiring to see people follow their dream, however lonely, difficult or idle they may seem to be.

Watch Gustavo Dudamel and his Youth orchestra perform “Mambo” by Leonard Bernstein.


They are my art, my inspiration, my weapon, my weakness, my pastime, my passion, my reward, my resilience, my hope, my fear, my consolation.

Listening to poems, for instance by John O’Donohue (here), or reading Seamus Heaney’s and Mahmud Darwish’s writings, I can tap into that well and re-focus myself, fill my batteries, retreat for a moment  from the petty things that make my mind-wheels stumble or even come to a complete hold – screeching and painful.

A day full of life

My day was at the same time annoyingly disappointing and intensely motivating. It included good work, mobbing and intrigues, as well as honest, kind support. 

That’s what life is like, isn’t it? Ergo, this was a day full of life. All the ups and downs included. I don’t think that’s a bad thing.