Three weddings and no funeral

Back at my desk, I reflect on two weeks of wild celebration, grim fights, old wounds healing and a continuous flow of ancient kindness which kept me on my feet.

In the last two weeks,

– I attended three weddings and one “Polterabend”.

– I navigated the abrupt and bumpy change from full-time worker to full-time mum and back to part-time of both.

– I spent *a lot* of time with my family. My old family, that is, the people I grew up with. It felt like being in a time cocoon, with all its good and bad. But this time – and I’m sorry I cannot be more specific here – the bad lost its overpowering strength, and was replaced by an all-encompassing kindness and an understanding that I only know from relationships which span a lifetime.

– I made a whirlwind trip to Italy to see two friends who I hadn’t seen in 6 years. It was only 36 hours, but every second of it was not only worthwhile, it felt like hours and I will feed on each of them for months to come. We expanded time so that we could be together.

– I danced. I celebrated. I screamed and fought and felt desperation. I was overwhelmed with joy. I cried happy tears and sad ones.

– I learned a lot. I reconnected. I felt held and home in a way I won’t forget.

– I was happy.

How about you?