Settling in

Every fibre of my being
seems to be fighting
against this.

Against moving
against the new
against change.

And yet,
this is home now.

In between the chaos,
there’s the promise
of the future,
if only I will look.


On the way home

The land:
Trees drowning.
Lonely geese
flying south.

In between, a house,
now an island,
made of stone
by caring hands

A stronghold,
standing calmly
In the rushing waters,

waiting, I imagine,
for the sun.

To the rescue

Sometimes, a day begins
in the dark.

In a dark that not even
the sun
can penetrate.

But there are more
powerful weapons,
like kindness, and friendship,
and love.

And so, such a day
can end in the light,

a light that can not be
even by the night.

Expectations shattered

The last visit
I thought
would be magical, beautiful, magnificent

Instead it was
hard, painful, full of tears and
all the wrong words.

So this is what it feels like
to have your roots severed,
I thought.

Today, I hope
it is rather
how you strike
new ones.