Welcome, 2012.

Another year over. It was the year of “gentleness” for me – or at least that’s what I had in mind when I started 2011. And rightfully so: We had to navigate a couple of tough transitions and overall change in these past twelve months. But the time of gentleness is over. The word that keeps coming up for 2012 is “kompromisslos”, German for “without compromise” or “uncompromising”. For me, this would have predominantely negative connotations in any other context but this; here, it means no more compromises with regard to beauty, happiness, creativity and taste. No more settling for less. I have the strong urge to change things, to get rid of what is unwanted and unnecessary, to get as close to a clean slate as possible. Letting go is one big part of being uncompromising, funnily enough.

So let’s see, 2012, how we will get along.