To build a home

This week, we finally signed the contract necessary to start our building project. Remember – we have been planning a house with 8 other families and now finally get to start building it. There was a lot of last minute drama involved, since up the the very moment we set our pens to paper for that all-important signature, we didn’t know whether we’d be able to start building at all or just bury the whole dream.

Let’s just say: There was a happy end. Now we are proud owners of a piece of land and one large step closer to moving in with 17 adults and 10+ kids … YEAY!!!

On a different note, we travelled to Israel to spend time on the Mediterranean, catch up with friends and attend Josh and Mara’s wedding in Jerusalem. It was wonderful to be away, even though – regardless my having lived there for a longer period of time – the thought of going to Israel always makes me anxious on some level. This was, of course, exacerbated by taking my son for the first time…but it was all good as soon as we’d arrived. It was exactly the warm, welcoming, if at times harsh place I had remembered, and we very much enjoyed seeing our friends again and attending the wedding. Here’s a picture of Mara and Josh under their chuppah (wedding canopy), which is, incidentally, also traditionally the first part of a new house. Mazel tov!!