Last week, I had what must have been 2 of the more bizarre minutes of my life. I had been asked (on very short notice) to do a short interview on German TV. This was a first, and it was live, and it was on one of the biggest channels over here (though only digital TV).
They called me on Tuesday, the interview was on Thursday morning. The topic was, not surprising, with the World Water Forum in Istanbul and the World Water Day last Sunday (not to mention the focus of my work): water conflicts.
It went well, I think; I was suprised that I wasn’t more nervous when finally standing in the studio, but I think the circumstances in all their absurdity made me relax. (A very kind woman had done my make-up, professionally and all, while more or less famous TV people were sitting next to me, curlers and all, then we had to run to the studio because this kind of interview normally doesn’t include the kind of make-up I got, they put a micro on me and there I was, standing in the studio where the main German news broadcast “Tagesschau” is being produced… it really was a bit surreal).
Here’s a picture of me back home, still giddy from the experience.


One thought on “Bizarre

  1. Lookin’ hot, momma! I saw Sebastian’s tweet about your news appearance, but after the fact. Then I thought it probably was in German, anyway, but I would have loved to see you in action anyway.

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