Did you notice …

… how I cheated with the last list? I had done that very list before, things that make me happy, List No. 2. You didn’t notice? Well, me neither. It only shows how much I needed to remind myself of those things, I guess.

The book is done, the Peace Report is being printed right this minute. I have 8 days left to write press releases and do some last minute organising, and on May 18 at 10am we will be presenting the report in Berlin. What follows are 60 hours of talks with politicians, consultants and the interested public about Afghanistan and what should be done to make violent non-state actors put down their weapons in intra-state wars.

I have been working too much lately, and I am still recovering. Until my voice is back (the non-work voice, that is), I suggest you read this. One of my favourite blogs these days.


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